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Bitcoin Payment

SuperTramadol Shop accepts Bitcoin

Order Tramadol with Bitcoin in SuperTramadol.

Paying via Bitcoin is easy! Here is a short guide on how to pay using Bitcoin on our website

If you are new to Bitcoin we recommend you to visit the following site for some first-hand information:

Bitcoin.com - How to get started

As the options to buy Bitcoin using an exchange differ from country to country we recommend to visit the following page to get a brief overview which options you have in your country:

How to buy Bitcoin in my country

Once you have found your best option you can buy the required Bitcoin with the payment method you prefer to get them transferred into your wallet. Once you have bought bitcoins you need and they are in your wallet you are all set to go shopping.

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card on Buy.Bitcoin.com (Fees apply)

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card on Coinmama.com (Fees apply)

Once you do have Bitcoin here is the step-by-step guide to checking out on Supertramadol.is

1. Choose the products you like, place them into your cart

2. Check out and choose "Bitcoin" as a payment method. You will be displayed a unique Wallet and an exact amount in Bitcoin and you will now have 24h to complete this transaction. Use the "Send" or "Withdraw" function in your wallet to send the exact amount in Bitcoin to the displayed wallet. You will receive an instant notification on the screen once the money has been received

3. The order status will be updated and you will receive an email confirming the payment for your order

4. We will ship your order and update you with tracking

Why all the hassle?

Bitcoin becomes very popular not only for online pharmacies. Transactions are fast, safe and almost free. Even more important payments cannot be blocked by some watchdog deciding what you are allowed to buy online and what not. We recommend using Bitcoin simply because it is the future of online payment and our discounts on Bitcoin payment are actually worth the hassle.

If you have any questions regarding payments via Bitcoin please do not hesitate to contact us