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Indications for Soma

The use of Soma is indicated for the following problems:

Chronic spasm of the muscles found in the neck and lower back, as well as those found in the upper extremities (fingers, hands, wrists, and shoulders) and lower extremities (feet, ankles, legs, thighs, and hips) Injured or impaired muscles

Muscular throbbing and pain associated with joint replacement, back replacement surgery, and the use of orthopaedic implants and other instrumentation to support fractured or injured bones in the upper and lower extremities

Lumbar syndrome or acute low back pain

Musculoskeletal conditions

Other muscle problems

History of Carisoprodol/Soma

Dr Frank M. Berger is recognised for introducing meprobamate, a prescription drug with calmative and pain relief properties. He offered the drug as an alternative to peyote, hashish, alcohol, opium and other similar sedatives that provided relief from tension but were also associated with addiction, hallucinations, and excessive excitation. Meprobamate became a popular prescription drug for the relief of muscle tension and pain after its release. It became the prototype for benzodiazepines and other potent drugs.

Meda Pharmaceuticals modified meprobamate in the form of Carisoprodol with aspirin and codeine and marketed the drug under the brand name Soma. Although very similar to meprobamate in pharmacology and structure, Soma was a more effective quick-relief muscle relaxant. It also provided a reduced risk for abuse and overdose.

Soma is available in 250 mg and 350 mg tablets. Doctors prescribe the appropriate dosage with due consideration of factors like weight, height, and tolerance.

Doctors usually prescribe the drug for a period no longer than 3 months.

They may, however, prescribe Soma for a more prolonged period for patients who suffer from severe daily muscle spasm and cerebral palsy.

Careful monitoring for side effects, however, is necessary.

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