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SuperTramadol Shop Payment Options

SuperTramadol.is strives to provide you with easy-to-use payment methods.Due to the nature of our business many regular payment methods cannot be offered but here are the payment methods we can currently provide:

Payment via Bitcoin

Bitcoin becomes the leading payment method for online pharmacies. It is safe, fast and has low transactions fees. Most important there is no central authority preventing you from paying your medication online. It has become very convenient to buy Bitcoin in many countries, for more information please click here. We reward your payment via bitcoin with an instant discount of 15% of your entire order at checkout.

US Bank Transfer via ZellePay

Most US Bank accounts qualify for direct transfers via ZellePay. You can check if your bank account qualifies by ZellePay

Bit4coin.net Voucher, for customers in Europe

Choose bit4coin.net Voucher at checkout. Visit www.bit4coin.net to buy your Bitcoin Voucher via SEPA Transfer without verification after you placed your order. Once you have received the voucher send it to our support team via email.